Fab Fit Fun Fall Box Is AHHmazing!

I was recently asked what’s my best and worse quality I have, best being how friendly I am towards anyone I met (you can be sure I’ll put a smile on your face) and worse on how lazy I am on putting off things, for example this post since the Fab Fit Fun box is already sold out… SORRY 😦 Oh well I’m still going to share what’s inside because these goodies are ahhmazing! Fab Fit Fun is a season subscription box that you get for 49.99 plus tax so the whole total of my box was $53.86 not bad when the whole total of my box was $392.45… I know that’s crazy!!! Let’s get into the box!

1. Private Party Denim Gym Bag $59.00

Right when I received my box I dig right in to find out what saying was on my new gym bag, there was 3 different sayings going around to everyone’s box and mine was “will workout for cupcakes” I was seriously SO happy I got the saying I wanted. This gym bag is super roomy and there’s plenty of space to fit anything you need to take to the gym or for me my yoga class! I’m obsessed!!

2. Mer-Sea Scarf $98.00

The softest scarf you will ever have! This scarf is so long and the color I received is the perfect settle color for fall/winter in soft pink/mauve.

3. B-Low The Belt Mia Belt $55.00

A vegan belt that looks ahhmazing!!! My color that I received is tan with gold hardware and it looks so chic and can be pair with anything all year long.

4. Morl Teeth Whitening Powder $39.95 + Morl Toothbrush $4.00

I haven’t tried this out yet but this product looks super interesting! This is an all natural teeth whitener that has activated charcoal to clean and whiten your teeth. In this box they also included the same brand’s toothbrush! I’ve heard a lot of great feedback about this product so I’m excited to give it a try!

5. My Tagalongs Hot/Cold Pack $15.00

A travel hot & cold pack is awesome for on the go cramps or any aches or sores you may have from working out, this product will definitely be a lifesaver when I need to go somewhere but I can’t take my plug in heating pad with me while I’m just sitting in the car.

6. IMM Living Jewelry Holder $33.00

The only thing I don’t like about this jewelry holder is the color! My room decore is all silver and this rose gold is crashing a little bit so I think I’m going to paint the heart sliver so I can get some use out of it!

7. Whish Renewing Mud Mask $48.00

Yes a mud mask!! I love masks!! I have acne prone skin so mud masks help dry out any pimples on my skin to give me a clearer complexion! This mask is super gentle and leaves my skin feeling so smooth, soft, and clean!

8. Deco Miami Lavender Cuticle Oil $12.50

Who doesn’t need an awesome cuticle oil? And since it’s starting to get a little chilly here in San Diego my hands get so dry and hand lotion will only do so much for the cuticles so cuticle oil is a must!! It definitely makes my fingers happy, and this smells so good!!

9. Trestique Lip Crayon $28.00

This gorgeous color is perfect for the fall/winter time! It’s a deep red/burgundy color that will look awesome on any skin tone! Score!

Have you’ve ever tried out the Fab Fit Fun Box yet? What are your thoughts? I think this box is pretty ahhmazing!

Link to sign up for the next box! (I get money off my next box if you use this link): Fab Fit Fun Box

Until next time,


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