Sleeping Masks? WTF

What The Face??? Yes, sleeping masks are a real thing and no rinsing involved (well until you wake up and apply your skincare for the day) with this mask you can wake up with healthy makeup ready skin, sounds like a plan to me. This Laneige mask has hydrating and purifying ingredients to give you flawless skin that’s glowing, GLOWING!!! And the smell is so light and amazing with tones of rose, orange wood, and sandalwood to put you right to sleep. So how do you apply this mask that works with all skin types? Use this mask as your last step for flawless looking skin when you wake up. I’m obsessed with it, are you?

Until next time,


Thanks influenster for my complimentary Laneige sleeping mask for testing purposes! All opinions are my own, I truly love this mask (: Thanks for reading!

Laneige website

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