Beauty Tip Tuesday: How to fill in your hair line

As I was thinking about a new beauty tip to share with you all today, I was thinking about my everyday beauty hacks I do to myself and boom now I’m going to share how to get a fuller hairline everyday. And the best part is that it takes around 2 minutes, score! Plus, you most likely have everything you need at home! Doing my hair is the last thing I do to get ready for the day so after taking my time to do my makeup and to find an outfit I just end up putting my long hair up since it’s easy and fast. Let’s face it, even if I have time to do my hair I still love to throw it into a high ponytail or a high bun with a hair accessories. And when I do decide to wear my hair down I really don’t need to make my hairline fuller since my hairline is already close together so when I’m wearing my hair up is when I put my my beauty tip to the rescue.

What you need:

Big fluffy eyeshadow brush

Eyeshadow to match your hair color

Hair Spray/Setting Spray (optional)

How to fill in your hair line:

Take your fluffy brush and your eyeshadow and starting brushing on the missing gaps in your hair so you don’t see your skin peeking through and it looks more even and put together!

Do you know this trick already?

Until next time,


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