Eat Drink Vegan 2017

This was the second vegan festival I’ve been to this year and it was AMAZING, the best one yet!!! Eat Drink Vegan is held inside the Rose Bowl Golf course in Pasadena and you can get unlimited pours of beer, wine, kombucha, craft soda, cold brew, & tea, with over 250 options to choose from and it’s all free with the purchase of your ticket! Lucky for me I won 2 VIP tickets and an awesome goodie bag, did I score or what? There’s also over 100 different restaurants, food trucks, carts and vendors and over 100 vendors in green Saturday vegan marketplace (snacks, shirts, body items, shoes, purses, etc.). The whole day was perfect. I spent 2 hours alone with my mom since we had VIP passes so we checked out the exclusive VIP section, had Sizzle Pie pizza (we actually went back for seconds when we joined up with my siblings when they got in at 2 with their general admission passes because it was that good), buffalo chk’n fried tofu from Chickpea and Olive (the best sandwich ever, the perfect crunch and spices, it was totally worth my 12 dollars), then we had the Bad burger from Pomodoro e basilico all the way from the UK (I had high hopes since they traveled so far away but it wasn’t good, the bun was too dried and the patty was hard and not enough flavor in my opinion, oh well) and then we joined up with my little sister and big brother when they got in with general admission and took them to all the spots that they were giving out free items! Like full size (8oz bottles) of juices, coffee, almond milk, produce, water bottles, etc. It was great! Other food items we end up getting was a nacho boat from Cena Vegan (delicious but I wished I paid the extra 2 dollars for guac to give it more flavor), blondie ice cream sandwich w cacao nibs and caramel sauce from Charlie’s brownies (the caramel sauce was delicious and the sandwich itself was to die for, so perfect), x-ray speculoos donuts with cookie butter inside a traditional donut with chocolate glaze and sea salt on top and a panda berry donut with mixed berry glaze, vegan white chocolate and fresh berries on top from Donut Friend (my favorite was definitely the x-ray speculoos donut, I wish I had a glass of cold almond milk with it since it was so creamy and thick tasting since), 2 different bowls from Amazebowls we end up getting the acai bowl and the dragon fruit bowl which was my favorite! They have the best bowls I’ve ever tried, no wonder why we got 2! And lastly we got a white chocolate and macadamia cookie with strawberry ice cream sandwich that came in my goodie bag with my 2 VIP tickets from Shugah mama (I loved the strawberry ice cream in this cookie sandwich with the macadamia cookie, the flavors mixed very well, so yummy). It was the best day ever yesterday! I spent quality time with my family, had a whole bunch of kombucha and some wine here and there, ate way too much (good thing I wore a flowy dress to this event), got some awesome prizes and I also end up getting 2 shirts. It was the perfect day and now I can’t wait for next year! We didn’t end up leaving until 7:30 since we were having so much fun! I definitely think if you’re a vegan or vegetarian or even someone who loves to try out new food and get unlimited drinks this event is for you! The vibes here were awesome and I wished it never ended! I’m coming back next year for sure and I probably will pay extra to get VIP since we got in at 12 and got a goodie bag for the first 500 VIP’s and I can check out everything before the crowd comes in at 2! I was in vegan heaven the whole time there! I wish I could relive this day over and over again since I had so much fun! Next year I’m definitely going to bring a huge blanket so we don’t have to sit on the grass and just camp out on our little set up all day long, oh and I should wear sunscreen… Lot’s of sunscreen! (:

My Eat Drink Vegan Vlog!

Until next time,



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