Solti Tasting Room In San Diego

So today I got to visit the Solti Organic Juice tasting room in San Diego, and the best part is that anyone can go! I won this epic organic giveaway last week and one of the prizes was that I got to take home 6 juices from Solti! Now when I first started following Solti on Instagram and saw that they had a tasting room in San Diego I knew eventually that I would want to check them out anyways since they sometime have deals going on or fun events at their tasting room and what better way to go see the tasting room myself than winning their giveaway! How awesome is that? Right when I walked in I was greeted by Nikki (retail & tasting room manager). She talked about all the different kinds of juices they had on tap and explained the benefits of each one. Their tasting room is super laid back, sunlight coming through, plants everywhere, lot’s of seating and plenty of workspace if you want to have your juice while doing work on your computer because they offer free wifi! They also have food (snacks and salads it looked like) so you can complete your juice with some food if you wanted! Of course I brought my partner in crime aka my mom to come check it out with me and we got to taste all of their juices to see what we liked best. My favorite by far is the Gingermade (apple, ginger, & lemon) and that’s the juice that I ended up getting all of my 6 juices that I got to pick, it’s the perfect mix of sweet with a little kick from the ginger! I also enjoyed the Pure Greens (kale, spinach, cucumber, & mint). I loved the cucumber in it and Coconut Charcoal SuperAde (activated coconut charcoal, lemon, & maple syrup). This tasted like chocolate lemonade to me believe it or not. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to try one of their most popular drinks the Watermelon Mint (watermelon, lemon, & mint) but that’s okay it just means that I have to visit them again soon when it’s back in stock! Not only are all of their juices organic, vegan, non-GMO and oh so yummy, they put their juices in a glass bottle so you reuse the bottle for other uses. I love that! And the glass bottle is heavy duty and not one of those cheap glass bottles. With my 6 Gingermade juices that I got to take home I also got one of their bamboo toppers to put on top of the glass bottle to reuse them for water, ice coffee, juices, etc. which is pretty neat. I definitely recommend if you’re in the San Diego area that you go check out their tasting room to see what they have to offer. You won’t be disappointed! I love my experience there! 🙂 So what if you wanted to try out Solti organic juices but you don’t live in San Diego? No worries, you can buy their juices online or you can see where the closest store that carries them near you is on their website, which is a pretty cool website if you ask me since they explain the benefits of the ingredients in each juice! Today has been awesome and it’s not over yet! What are your plans for the rest of the day?

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One thought on “Solti Tasting Room In San Diego

  1. What a great review! My name is Patrick and I’m the Assistant Production Manager at Solti. Just fyi, we will have the watermelon mint available on tap in the tasting room and by the bottle beginning Wed. 5/24. Hopefully we’ll see you soon!


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