Holy Matcha Review… Yay (: or Nay :(

Is Holy matcha in North Park San Diego holy worth it? Let’s find out… So right when we walked in I was greeted with a friendly hello and everything looked just how it did on their Instagram page. Palm tree wallpaper, fresh flowers, soft pink hues everywhere, good amount of seating, velvet pink booths, roomy, friendly, and simple! And the best part is that everything is vegan! Heck yeah! Their menu is super simple and I believe everything has matcha powder in it or they put the matcha powder on the side of your food item in a cute little saying. For my pink donut it was “matcha + bae”, super cute and basic. So what did I order?

  1. Matcha Horchata $4.50, when I first moved to San Diego 3 years ago, I discover my favorite drink ever.. horchata, the perfect mix of sweet and creamy! Yum. Now, I never really thought of myself as a matcha person so I didn’t know what to expect with this drink, but it ended up being so good! And the matcha powder in it wasn’t to overpowering. It was perfect, definitely my favorite item on this trip! 10/10
  2. Rose Lemonade $4.50, this is one of their newer items that hasn’t made it on the official menu just yet, it was okay, a little bit to sparkly for my taste, too much carbohydrates. I say if you like the taste of soda and lemonade I think this drink would be for you. I prefer my drinks on the more sweet side! The presentation was nice with a little flower on top of the drink but if you look through Holy Matchas Instagram page you can see that they have a lot more flowers in the Rose Lemonade then I was given. I know it’s for looks and pictures but for this price for a simple lemonade that you can most likely make at home I would want just a couple more flowers given, but that’s just me. 5/10
  3. Strawberry Donut $3.50, this did not taste like a donut at all, this is more of a spongy cake with icing. It did tasted good and the strawberry flavor did deliver but I wouldn’t get it again when I know my favorite vegan donut shop is right around the corner for the same price (Nomads Donuts). 6/10

Overall this place is really cute and perfect for photos! Very Instagram picture perfect. Everything goes together very well butttttt I think this place is over hyped. Would I return again? Probably not. Would I bring my out of town friends here? I would think so just to take some really cute photos and just experience being at Holy Matcha since they are getting a lot of buzz everywhere. I mention earlier that they have velvet booths and when my sister and I was taking photo’s my sister was sitting on one of her feet and the owner said “can you please take your foot off the booth we just got it cleaned the other day” and after that my good experience went down.. I left like we got in trouble. The velvet booths is a nice touch to the whole Holy Matcha vibe but I bet little kids come in with their parents and since they are kids they will have their feet all over the booth and most likely they will stand on it to. Overall feet will end up on the booth, it happens. She did say please but she said it over the counter so everyone could hear and not privately. For being the owner I would replace my velvet booths since they are bound to get dirty no matter what or what if I accidently spill my drink on the velvet? There goes the velvet idea. And if someone had their feet on the booth I would walk over see how everything was tasting and then ask if you can take your feet off the booth and I would walk around to everyone’s table to see how they are doing. But that’s just me! What do you think of this situation? Also this place is card only.. No cash. Now since I get tips I love to pay in cash since I have so much of it and what if someone doesn’t have a card? Then they can’t come here? That sucks.. For example my little sister doesn’t have a card and what if she comes here with her friends? Then she can’t get anything. Thats stupid. No cash… Hmmm. Cheers to another vegan food review!

Until next time,



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