My Favorite Eye Brushes From Luxie Beauty

If you personally know me or have been keeping up with my blog then you know that I love having a lot of makeup brushes, the more the merrier! And I must admit that I have a lot more makeup brushes then the average person but I still think I need more makeup brushes epically eye brushes because I constantly clean them since I use different eyeshadows everyday and it just leads up to a lot of work that I have to keep cleaning them over and over again and no one has time for that, well let’s be honest I just hate cleaning my makeup brushes in general. I personally think that no one can have enough eye brushes in their life if you love makeup as much as me or like to play around with different color eyeshadows all the time! Okay so the question of this blog post is what are some of my favorite eye brushes that I constantly gravitate to out of my whole collection? Today’s topic is my lovely Luxie brushes. Luxie brushes are cruelty free, vegan, and handcrafted, how cool! And I’ve had some of my brushes for 2 years now without any shading to them.

LUXIE 231 Small Tapered Blending:

I love to use this brush to blend out any harsh lines or to apply shadow on my lower lash line, it’s nice and tapered but soft and fluffy enough to get the job done.

LUXIE 229 Tapered Blending Brush:

This brush is perfect to apply eye shadow in my eye socket or just to blend everything out. This brush is fluffy but firm and is a good size to apply your shadow where it needs to go.

LUXIE 237 Blending Brush:

This brush is small enough to blend out my eyeshadow in the inner socket of my eye towards the crease, it makes my eyeshadow blend out very nicely since this brush is tiny but flexible. This brush is also perfect to apply eyeshadow in my lower lash line!

LUXIE 207 Medium Angled Shading:

You know how sometimes you want to apply eyeshadow in the outer v portion of your eye when you already have winged eyeliner on and you want to just deepen the corner just a little more well this brush is for you. It’s nice and firm and has an angle to it to place your eyeshadow where it needs to go but nice and compact to blend out everything that need to be blended as well!

LUXIE 227 Blending:

This brush has a unique shape, it’s long but fat and fluffy. Sometime I like to use this brush to apply eyeshadow in my crease or even to apply an all over the lid color since the shape is more on the flat side.

LUXIE 235 Blending:

The perfect brush to blend with! Now some of my Luxie brush I like to use for blending as well but this is by far my favorite, it has the right movement a brush should have to have everything go together and be blended how it should be.

LUXIE 215 Small Angle:

I actually have 3 of these brushes since I use this one everyday! For my brows, liner, to carve out the crease with, etc.! This brush is firm and soft and it makes apply product to my eyes so easy! A must have in your collection, and the brush size is perfect not too small or long in width, just perfect!

Do you have any Luxie brushes at home? If so what are your favorites and why? If you want me to talk about my top picks of eyeshadow brushes from Morphe, Sigma, and Real Techniques, then let me know! You already know I have a whole collection (:

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3 thoughts on “My Favorite Eye Brushes From Luxie Beauty

  1. I love Luxie brushes! I have a couple of them & they’re my faves! I suggest getting a brush cleaner. I use one from Sephora. & although I don’t do my makeup as often as most. When I do, & my brushes are clean from the last time I used them, I grab some paper towel & my brush cleaner. I fold a paper towel, lay the brush on it & spray the remover a few times onto the bristles. I then swirl the brush onto the paper towel. I repeat the spray & swirl step if there a lot of product & doesn’t wipe clean. Try doing that. I learned that trick from a watching a YouTuber. It beats having to wash your brushes or use up so many. Hope it helps! ❤️ xx

    – Mellie Michelle
    Beauty Blogger

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