Beauty Tip Tuesdays: How to clean your makeup brushes!

So, how do I clean my brushes? Well, my method is super simple, easy, and affordable! I broke it down step by step to help you get the perfect clean makeup brushes that you’ve always dreamed of! How about that? How do you like to clean your brushes? Let me know!

  1. Gather all of your makeup brushes together and head to your sink and keep in mind your counter space because you’re going to need as much room as possible depending on how many brushes you have. I like to lay down each brush over the counter to dry overnight, and the bristles should be hanging off the counter so water built up doesn’t get inside the handle.
  2. Go ahead and grab a spa mat. This step is totally optional but very helpful if you’re like me who has a lot of brushes, this step cuts your time in half, plus your hands doesn’t get wrinkly from being under water for so long, that’s always a plus. The one that I use is by Sigma Beauty but there are tons of dupes out there. You can either make your own or buy one for a discounted price. I prefer the Sigma brush mat because it’s reusable and meant to be soft and safe for your brushes and when it comes down to price it really isn’t that bad for something you’re going to have forever. Quality over quantity baby!
  3. Now it’s time for your choice of soap! My favorite is the peppermint Dr. Bonners soap that you can get anywhere (Sprouts, Target, Costco, Whole Foods, Amazon, etc.). I love the peppermint scent since it smells fresh and clean and it also helps kill the bacteria that might be in your makeup brushes. But if you don’t prefer the peppermint scent, Dr. Bonners soap has a lot more scents to choose from. This soap is super affordable and you don’t need that much since this soap is meant to be diluted. And what’s great about this soap is that it can be used for anything (dishes, to clean the counters, to mop the floors, the list goes on and on). Dr. Bonners soap is natural and safe to use on your makeup brushes and won’t make your brushes hair fall out, it’s super gentle.
  4. So how do you go about to dilute the soap? I like to take a small bowl and apply a good amount of soap and then the rest with water and then I’ll stir it up and now you can go ahead and start cleaning your brushes! I like to take one brush at a time and get it damp first and then I’ll dip each brush into my soap bowl and I’ll start working the soap into the brush by using the spa mat while it’s damp so the soap can really lather and I can have all my brushes looking brand new again! I also like to take a wash rag thats soft so it doesn’t ruin the bristles and reshape my brush and take any excess water out so it can end up drying faster. See my method is easy peasy lemon squeezey haha! 

Hopefully this post inspires you to get up and start cleaning your brushes! If you don’t remember the last time you’ve cleaned them then it has been to long. I like to play music or have Netflix on so the time can go by faster while my brushes are getting cleaned! Or if you could even pay your brother or sister to clean them for you (sometimes I do that) but make sure they know how to clean the makeup brushes right so you can have your makeup brushes forever!

Link to my brush cleaning video on my Instagram: Brush Video

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