Trilogy Sanctuary Vegan Food Review: Is it worth it?

Hello San Diego! I’m a vegan who loves to eat out and try new places! To spice up my blog a little bit, my new series on here is going to be vegan food reviews in San Diego and anywhere that I may travel to in the near future! So today’s topic is Trilogy Sanctuary Cafe in La Jolla…. Well, is it Camille approved? Let’s see if it’s worth it! So this place has been on my list to try out for a long time. I originally wanted to go here on my birthday in December for breakfast but I decided my brithday sleep was more worth it. Better late than never to try this place out in May! Now, if it wasn’t for the Yelp reviews and my mom knowing how to get around in La Jolla more than me, I would miss this spot easily. Trilogy Sanctuary is upstairs (level 2) on top of Massage Envy. Not only is this place a cafe, it also has a gift shop and you can even sign up to do yoga, how cool is that? So this place is your one stop shop to get some exercise, 100% organic food, and even pick out a cool gift for yourself. Now when I step out from the elevator right into the gift shop I did not get greeted which isn’t a big deal but when someone greets you, you feel special like they know you’re there to help or just to welcome me to Trilogy Sanctuary since I’ve never been before. Do you see where I’m coming from? I love how Yelp reviews tells you what’s popular at each restaurant and normally I would order just that but since I had my mom with me and she’s trying to be healthy I decided to pass on the crepe this time and I just asked the hostess what’s the most popular items and then right when she was telling us the options to chose from that appealed to us, the table right next to us ended up getting the same thing. Freaky right? So we ended up getting:

  1. EGGZ BENEDICT $12.50 (Open faced toasted amaranth and millet muffin with avocado and tomato. Topped with our very own cauliflower eggs and hollandaise sauce. Make it a popeye! With wilted spinach instead of the muffin) and we made this a popeye to be even more healthy even though I secretly wished we had the muffin. This was very good, I wished it has more spices or more of the hollandaise sauce, but besides that this tasted very healthy especially since we ordered it with spinach and I loved how the spinach was cooked just right! Not to water down or soggy it was perfect. I would rate this a 7/10!
  2. CHILAQUILES $12.00 (Latin style eggz on handmade corn tortillas, pumpkin seed mole, avocado, pico, and sour cream. Served over fiesta rice) This dish was my favorite out of everything, I would totally order this again. With the handmade corn tortillas to the sour cream and all the flavoring, this was delicious. Everything just mixed well with this dish I would rate this a 10/10!    
  3. ICED CHAI LATTE $6.00 (Chai spiced tea, almond milk, coconut milk, agave, ice). Now does this drink live up to my favorite that Starbuck makes? No way. But is this drink made much more healthier than Starbucks… Yes way! I prefer my drinks extra sweet but this drink wasn’t terrible I just love extra sweet things so if I would ever order this again I would ask them to make it extra sweet but to be honest this didn’t look like the drink I saw everyone had on Yelp mine was more dark looking. And I probably waited 5 + minutes after my food arrived to get this drink which kinda sucked since I didn’t want to eat anything or take pictures of anything until I had my drink in my hand. So with all considering I would rate this a 6/10.  

Overall my experience was good here, I would definitely be returning in the near future. There are no waitress so you just grab a menu look it over and then go up to the counter to order. If you want water it’s self serve and they have 2 flavor options when I went which was lemon water or cucumber water which was a nice touch then just having normal water, it adds a nice little flavor. There’s seating inside and outside. For parking it was easy to find since we went in the morning to get breakfast but overall you should just be aware since we are almost to summer season and the tourists will come out to play,  I would get there early or park a little further ,and or get a Uber or Lyft driver to drive you there and then you can just spend the whole day in La Jolla to do some shopping or even go to the beach since it’s right there! How how did I do on my first vegan food review? I’ve always wanted to be that girl , I think her name was Samantha on T.V way back when and she would travel the world and give tours and review the foods that she ate. It was a good show! So this post would just have to do! I plan on reviewing vegan food eats at least once a month maybe more if I try something new!

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