UD Jean-Michel Basquiat Collection Review + Swatches

Now when I first saw the new Urban Decay limited edition Jean-Michel Basquiat collection everywhere on social media I was like “Oh that’s cool, I don’t need it in my life though” but when I saw everything in person at Ulta I was like “Omg the packaging, the swatches, the colors” and from there I was hooked. I only got 3/9 products from the collection: a eyeshadow palette, lipstick, and an eyeliner. Let’s talk about the packaging, it’s amazing! It’s a canvas background with Jean-Michel Basquiat art work covered all over the Tenant Eyeshadow Palette (and on the back of this palette there’s a hole if you want to hang this on your wall, since it is an art work after all) and the same type of design is on the lipstick I got in Epigram, and as for the eyeliner in Vivd it’s just the normal packaging with Jean-Michel Basquiat written on it. This whole collection swatches beautifully, everything is pigmeneted and goes on very smooth. I forgot how good Urban Decay’s eyeshadow formula was, the shadows went on very nicely and effortless. What do you think of this collection? Is there anything you want to get? Remember it’s limited edition so get it while it’s hot! P.S, do you want a eye tutorial using this palette on my Youtube page? Let me know! (:

Until next time,



Tenant Eyeshadow Palette


Eyeliner in Vivd
Lipstick I got in Epigram


A cut crease using the Tenant Eyeshadow Palette


One thought on “UD Jean-Michel Basquiat Collection Review + Swatches

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