April Ipsy Glam Bag 2017

Here we are again with another monthly review of what I got in my Ipsy bag this month! The first thing I see is the bag, OMG. When I was younger I would collect my movie stubs just for fun and to have the memories, and now since this bag is a “ticket stub”, I can start again and keep them all in here, plus any other tickets I may get for all my adventures to come this year; can’t you believe April is almost over, say what! The Ipsy bags just keep getting better and better. Now let’s see what I got in my bag!

  1. Luxie Brush 660 Precision Foundation:

Another FULL size brush, yes please! My favorite thing to get in my Ipsy bags are brushes because typically they are going to be full size and who doesn’t love to get more brushes? More brushes means you don’t have to clean them all the time, am I right? Haha, I would still clean them once a month, but you get the point! So far this Ipsy bag is A+.

  1. Peek 250k8 Eyeshadow:

The packaging for this single eyeshadow is super cute in a slide tin. The shadow glides on the eyes soft but it’s not a buttery texture, and not that pigmented, it goes on very light, but not sheer. But besides that it’s a very pretty soft bronze color with gold undertones. Now knowing me I probably won’t use this eyeshadow since I like things a little bit more pigmented and not so soft so this will get good use by my mom or my sister!

  1. Mary-Lou Highlighter by the Balm:

One of the most talked about highlighters all over Youtube got into my Ipsy bag! Can’t you believe I’ve never owned this highlighter before? Well now I do! 🙂 For a highlighter I hate how small the sample is but you know I will always try to make it work out. I take an eyeshadow brush and I put this highlighter right on the tip of my cheekbones to make the whole look pop!

  1. Aloe soothing gel by Hanalei:

This aloe soothing gel smells so good! It smells like a spa, cucumbers and all, it’s super fresh! This gel makes your skin feel smooth and refreshing. I ended up putting this aloe gel in my beach bag to refresh my skin while I’m at the beach with the sun on my skin.

  1. No problem! Primer:

This primer makes my face feel like a baby! No problem primer is on the more oily side but that’s prefect for my combination/dry face. You can wear this primer before and/or after your makeup application, and this primer is made with green tea extract to give your skin a energy boost! Heck yes! I’ve only been testing this primer out for a couple days now, but it has become one of my new favorites to minimize my pores and even out my skin tone!

What did you get in this month’s Ipsy glam bag? Overall I rate this bag a 7/10! What do you think?

Until next time,



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