Ipsy March Glam Bag 2017

I know I always bring up the bag each month but this one has become my favorite so far right next to the pink wristlet one a few months back! It’s versatile too! You can have it long ways if you have longer items in your bag, a brush for example, or you can have it folded so you get glimpse of the pattern plus the baby pink side. SO cute! Plus the fabric feels nice and not cheap looking! Okay so let’s get into the bag! 

  1. Eyeko Fat Brow Liquid Liner:

So at first I thought this was a liquid liner and I was so excited because my Stila one is slowly running out and I’ve heard good things about the Eyeko eyeliner one but then when I started reading the box and playing around with it I discover that this is an eye brow liner! Okay so I hate this… The color I got is light to medium and it shows up grey/black… It did nothing for my brows 😦 and it’s very sheer so it’s not like I can use this as an eyeliner. This product is a no go for me and I will just be throwing it away since none of my family or friends have black brows so they could end up using this! 

     2. Air Repair Complexion-Boosting Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid:

This moisturizer feels like you are not wearing anything and I love it! This moisturizer              has Hyaluronic Acid which helps with pigmentation on your skin and helps fight the wrinkles as well, winning! I love to use this moisturizer in the morning because it’s lightweight so I don’t feel heavy when I have all my other face makeup on! And this moisturize smells fresh, which is another added bonus!

 3. Beau Gachis Tapered blending brush:

I love when Ipsy sends my brushes in my bag! I feel like I can’t get enough brushes! This one is so nice and fluffy to diffuse any eyeshadow color!

  4. Tarte lip paint in Delish:

This Tarte lip paint dries so fast and is a comfort liquid lip which I love! This color in a nice mauvey/brown and dries matte! Love! I already own a couple of other colors from Tarte so this one is nice to add in my collection and this lip paint last for a good 3+ hours!

5. City color Photo chic dark spot corrector:

I was surprised on how much I love this dark spot corrector because this product is inexpensive to purchase and I’ve heard mixed reviews on this item as well. This product is lightweight and cancels out a lot of the darkness under your eye. I do apply an additional concealer on top of my corrector concealers so you don’t see any orange peeking through. But overall this product is awesome and doesn’t crease either!

I think my bag was pretty good for it being only $10.00! What did you get in your bag this month? Any thoughts? Or products you didn’t really care about?

Until next time,


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