Beauty Tip Tuesday: Pie Day At Blaze Pizza

I originally was going to write about something else for this weeks’s beauty tip Tuesday but then I thought, well next year pi day will not fall on a Tuesday. And everyone loves to eat, right? Especially pizza! Yum! I have been celebrating pi day all my life basically, from when I was in middle school we would have a huge carnival and we got to throw pie cakes at teachers, play games, win prizes, it was like a full day of recess and I loved it! It was so much fun! And as I got older pi day was just another ordinary day until Blaze pizza opened up in San Diego. Every year on pi day (you know the infinite number that never ends) Blaze pizza offers their pizzas for $3.14, what a deal, right! Any pizza, any extras, all for $3.14. Now don’t get me wrong, every year there is always a line, it’s like Black Friday for pizza lovers! But once you get through the line getting your pizza is completely worth it. So delicious, fresh, & right out of the oven! So morale of this weeks beauty tip Tuesday, if you have a Blaze pizza near you they are having this deal all day long! If you don’t have a Blaze pizza then Whole Foods is offering any whole pizza or pie $3.14 off your total! So go celebrate pi day with some pie, you deserve it!

Until next time,


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