Beauty Tip Tuesday: Feet Mask

I never thought I would ever be a feet person… You know, taking care of your feet. From feet mask, soaks, scrubs, creams, sprays, to wearing socks all the time, the list goes on and on. Anyone crazy about their feet like I am? Well, I recently discovered feet peels! There’s two that I know Ulta carries and that I’ve tried personally and they pretty much work the same! I’ve tried the Tony Moly foot peeling shoes (great price, feet peel like crazy, but the socks are a little bit shift) and Patchology poshpeel pedi cure (AHA + BHA botanical blend, takes away any calluses, quality ingredients, feet will feel baby smooth) and both work great! These feet peels both make your feet peel oh so much! I have to change my socks 2-3 times a day when my feet start to peel since you can’t forcely peel the dead skin off your feet since that will cause more damage… Tonight’s foot peel consist of my last packet of the poshpeel by patchology, popcorn, and Netflix (I’m currently watching Grey’s Anatomy and I love it). So how does this foot peel thing work? Well you start off with clean feet and then you put on the socks that it gives you (for the poshpeel you have to put the serum into each of the sock that’s given) and lay down and relax for 60min-90min and that it! After your feet have soaked you can go ahead and wash off the serum and in 3-5 days your feet should start to peel and that’s when the magic happens! I promise you that after you’ve done one of these feet peels you’re going to become a crazy foot person just like me if you’re not one already! After the peeling process, your feet will feel so different! Much more softer, smoother, healthier… Go ahead and try one! You won’t regret it! (:

Until next time,


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