How to clean out your closet 101 aka Spring Cleaning

It’s already March now? How is it that we are already into the 3rd month of the year! Time is going by so fast, before you know it will be holiday season all over again! It’s that time of the year again where it’s time to clean out our closets… I think I have attachment issues, especially with clothes AND shoes AND hoarding makeup but that’s another topic we will have to get into later! I just love to hold onto things and I say excuses like “for memories” or “what if I need to wear this again” or “this would look really cute with this item (but I never end up wearing it)” anyone else does this? Trying to talk ourselves out of getting rid of something we haven’t touch in over a year! It’s time to take out the old and make room for the new! Sometimes I wish I could just get rid of all my clothes and only keep my staple pieces and start new but that would cost too much money and time so spring cleaning will just have to do, and hopefully it works!  We all deserve a closet makeover!

How to clean out your closet 101:

  1. If you’ve haven’t worn it in the past 6 months, toss it! No what if’s, buts, or how about this… (If you’re still unsure you MIGHT wear it one day get a small box and label it something like “check back in 6 months (September)” and if you’ve haven’t reach in the box to pick out that dress you still might wear then it’s time to toss it out for good!
  2. It’s time to put all your winter coats away and any holiday shirts you may have (I have around 20, I know yikes! I put mine into a box with a label on it in my closet and then I will bring out my box out around October to wear again! And by doing just this step, it’s already saving you so much space! Have a small closet? Then put this box with all of your Christmas decorates thats out in the garage/shed/storage unit!
  3. Color coordinated your clothes! Trust me it will be SO much easier to pick out outfits and by doing this your closet will already look 10 times more better!
  4. Hangers!!!! It’s time to have all one color and style of hangers! Just like color coordinating your closet having all the same hangers will make your closet so much better! Nice and fresh!
  5. Let’s talk about shoes… Raise your hand if you’re a shoe holder… Meeeee! When I was in high school I would buy all these heels on sale thinking I would wear them out when I get older but little did I know that I’m not a party girl anymore… So I’ve decided to put them all in a box and store them for a later use! Some of my heels that I own I haven’t even use them yet! See you later heels! Moral of the story if you can’t get rid of your shoes since you’ve spent so much money on them but haven’t worn them enough to say goodbye, don’t toss, just store them away nicely! Easy!
  6. Purses, bags, oh my! Back to my attachment issues with getting rid of my precious items! Since I have a shelf in my closet where I keep all my bins of “items I might wear still”, “boots”, “slip on shoes”, “heels”, I just made a bin for my purses and if all of them can’t fit then it’s time for some of them to find a new home! Now for my designer purses those make an appearance in my room in their separate bin in my storage cube by my vanity/desk! You just can’t get rid of those! Haha!

Now Cleaning out my closet took way longer than expect, it took me almost 2 hours! Just get in there and start cleaning and organizing and before you know it you will have a happy clean closet! I ended up putting some music on and got myself a Starbucks coffee as a treat to keep me going! You can do it!

Until next time,


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