Beauty Tip Tuesday: How to get Tan Fast using Loving Tan

All throughout highschool I had an obsession about being tan. I would never go in a tanning bed although I do have to admit I have done it once for less than 15 minutes just because I got a free trial and all I could think about was what happened to that one girl from one of the many final destinations movies when she locked herself in her own tanning bed and burned to death… And the voice inside my head about my mom nagging me at the fact that I would get skin cancer and get wrinkles. Mothers do know best. Needless to say I will never go into a tanning bed again just because now I know better and I wished that I listen to my mom about wearing sunscreen whenever I was in the sun. Although I never went into the tanning bed again after that experience I would spray myself with a body oil that probably only had SPF of 15 if I was lucky and lay out in the sun for an hour or two. I just loved being tan back then and now I want to get back into it by self tanning! Being tan to me makes me look thinner and just gives me a confidence booster. I have a whole stash of self tanner in my bathroom that work just fine but not good enough until I’ve tried Loving Tan 2hr express in dark that everyone seems to be raging about for forever now. I order mine off Frends Beauty website and I do have to say that I love how Frends Beauty throws in a card with your name on it and a cute little message, I’ve never had a company do that before and I was shocked. I will definitely be ordering more from them. And shipping was so fast! I was impressed. Loving Tan is AMAZING! This is my first time trying it and I already love it! No streaks whatsoever and easy to apply! It made my pale skin so dark without looking fake or overbored. And best of all it didn’t make me orange, A+. This tanner made me 2 shades darker instantly. I’m excited to finally have my tanning game back. This tanner will be the only one I use for now on until someone comes out with something better, it’s that good! You have no idea how happy I am to be a bronze goddess all year long! Have you’ve tried out this tanner yet? If so what are your thoughts?

Until next time,


This is just ONE layer of the Loving Tan 2 HR express in dark! Holy moly…. I use a big fluffy makeup brush for my tan application instead of a mitt, I find it easier to apply and no lines! YAY!!!


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