Beauty Tip Tuesday: How to save money on food

How is saving money on food a beauty tip? Welllllll the more money you save else where = more money you get to spend on beauty! Right? That’s how I justify buying my 50 dollar foundation that I love so much. Yikes. I originally was just going to write about my bagel obsession but then I started thinking about everywhere else I save money on food and how so many of my friends don’t know about these deals and the money they could be saving! Let’s rock n roll! (:

     1. Panera Bread:

$7.99 for 13 bagels of your choice, but only on Tuesdays! This is my favorite bagel spot to go to because the Everything bagels (which are my favorite) are vegan!

  2. Einstein Bagels:

I remember living in Florida how my dad would get bagels here all the time and I would beg him to get me a bagel egg sandwich, that was my addition, they just made it so dang good! Everyone has there own taste buds and if you like Einstein bagels more than Panera’s then go ahead and order 13 bagels for 6.99 on Mondays only! Once again you can go ahead and pick your own! I choose Panera bagels over Einstein’s because they don’t offer any vegan ones… But don’t forget to get freezer bags so your bagels can last longer!

       3. Native Foods:

The time to go to Naive foods is on Wednesdays, BOGO (buy one get one) entree, to get this offer you do need to buy 2 drinks but that’s okay since there drink choices are awesome! I love to fill my cup almost all the way up with Watermelon fresco with a little bit of their lavender lemonade, delicious!

        4. Sprouts:

The best time to shop at Sprouts would be on Wednesdays! Why? Because you get double discounts since Wednesday’s you can shop last week’s ad & this weeks ad, double ad Wednesdays! The one day you can shop both ad’s. That’s when my family shop’s and if there’s an item that’s out of stock and it’s on sale, get a rain check! Sprouts rain check never expires so whenever you are craving that item you can go ahead and use that rain check you got, even if it’s months later! Score!

         5. Boudin Bakery:

I’m the type of person who loves to have bread with my pasta! It make everything better! And the sourdough bread at Boudin Bakery is one of my favorites! Fun fact, when my family went to San F we went to Boudin Bakery for the first time and that’s where this company originated from, and we actually had one down the street from us and have never been until we visited San F, crazy right? But if you sign up for their rewards and buy 1 item per month you get a free 1 pound sourdough bread! So what I do is buy 1 sourdough bread and then do another order and get my extra free bread and I’ll stick that in the freezer for later that month so I don’t forget to get my extra free bread! Winning!

           6. Target:

Does anyone go into target only getting one thing and walk out with 10 more items than you expected. Happens to me all the time! If you shop here often you have to get the cartwheel app, you scan it at checkout to get discounts and add up your points to get free things at Target! So let’s say your shopping and you’re wondering if any of the items could be on sale all you have to do is pull up the app, click the scan icon on the top right corner scan the item and it will tell you if there’s any deals! And when you check out just don’t forget to have the cashier scan your phone to get your deals and your points!

Is there any deals that I’m missing that you would love to share? Please let me know!

Until next time,


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