Ipsy glam bag: February 2017

I got another good Ipsy bag this month, say what! Did your bag live up to your standards? Ugh.. And let’s talk about the bag, I like how they played with denim but the overall bag is a bust in my opinion. It’s boring. I do like the pop of orange and how the zipper is in the shape of a lip. You know what would be perfect to go along with the bag? A cute ipsy pin with a few other pins too. Everyone would get at least 3 pins but all different to spice up your bag and make it unique!

1. NYX butter lipstick in Ripe Berry ($6.00)

I LOVE this color! It’s like my lips but richer & very moisturizing. You can never go wrong with any lip product from NYX; they are one of the best affordable brand that I always turn people to because they make amazing products!

2.  The Organic Pharmacy Lip & Eye Cream ($48.00)

I don’t think I have ever had something in my ipsy bag that was close to $50.00, holy moly! I love how you can use this as an eye cream OR for your lips, dual purpose. This cream is thick but I love it. This has become my new eye cream to use before I put on my makeup because it acts as a base so my concealer can go on more smoothly. This cream has eyebright, fennel, bilberry, and frankincense to nourish around the lip and eye area, winning!

3. Luna highlighter in Calypso ($23.00)

This highlighter feels like drug store packaging but the product itself is WOW. A gorgeous baked highlighter that has grey and purple undertones. The price is also very reasonable, especially for something this incredible. I would want the packaging to feel a little bit more sturdy but this highlight applies very nicely onto the face!

4. WHATUP BEACHES Matte Bronzer (sample size)

This is the only item I don’t care for in this Ipsy bag because it’s so dang small. I like the name but for me to try to use this bronzer all over my face is impossible since all my bronzer brushes can barely fit into the ban. I’m using this bronzer solely as an eyeshadow, and it works great!

5. LUXIE 514 blush brush ($18.00)

I’m obsessed with Luxie brushes! I love how they are cruelty & vegan free! All my brushes that I own from Luxie work perfectly for anything I decide to do on my face and I love it! A girl can never have too many brushes, am I right?

I told you guys that I got an amazing Ipsy bag this month! And all that for $10.00 plus tax, I’ll take it! I never know what to do with the ipsy bags since I have so many. Let me know!

If you want to sign up: Ipsy Glam Bag

Goodbye for now!

– Camille


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