Generation Beauty LA 2017

Generation Beauty LA was amazing once again! This was my second time attending as a beauty ceator which is always fun! I’m already looking forward to next year! I would love to go to the NYC one this year but we will just have to see! One trip at a time. The only down side about Gen Beauty this year was the crazy weather LA was having, on Sunday it was raining, cold, and windy! The event had to close down for almost 2 hours so they can make the event tent more stable. Other then that this event beats them all! It was so much fun getting to meet other beauty creators just like me! I did vlog a little bit which is up on my Youtube channel if you would like to see! I think next year I definitely want to bring my mom or my sister so they can do all my filming with me and have a fun girls trip!

First time at a free standing NYX store & it was a dream! The two eye shadows in my hand are the ones I need up getting!
I was suppose to be holding the Derma E sign but this will do
How cute is this back drop! Love it!
Casual leg up
That highlight thou!!! Holy moly I met Jaleesa
At the Make Up Forever Booth
Venti Chai latte with soy milk while getting colored match to the new NYX cover drops foundation
I was literally in the Morphe store for less then 10 mintues & I walk out with everything adding up to over 100 dollars, oh well, it was worth is!
My favorite picture I took while I was at Gen Beauty! -Shoes: Steve Madden -Dress: Nordstrom
Yum! Vegan mixed berries empanadas
Vegan quinoa & lentils + pinto beans & rice! I wish I had one of these right now! So, so, so good! This place is called World Empanadas
OMG! OMG! This booth was cute! I this is photo is funny!
Gotta have your moisturizer!
#kissandmakeup baby! I love Tarte!
At this moment I was like “damn I need a ring light these selfies are going to be hot fire” lol

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