#TBT: I Went To Vegas??

I’ve been wanting to write about my trip to Vegas every since I went! And no I didn’t go there to party… I went to Vegas to LEARN! Hard to believe right? My trip to Vegas was a last minute vacation which ended up being so much fun! 3 whole days in Vegas was a trip to remember. I even got to explore parts of Vegas thanks to my mom’s long time friend Gregg who I ended up staying with. I went to Vegas for a hair and makeup show called IBS (International Beauty Show) this past June with my friend Hannah!

Day 1 (Saturday): Hot, Lost, & Hungry:

We’re in Vegas baby! Right when we got off the plane I could already feel the heat from outside… Hannah and I decided to take a taxi to get to the other girl’s (people from our class) hotel so we could drop off our bags there and then all go to the show together! Once we got there we took a city bus (cheaper then a taxi, and it was an adventure since I have never been on one before) to take us to the convention center so then we could find something to eat around there before we enter the show. Taking the city bus definitely takes up all your time, it probably took us 2 hours to get to the convention show because finding out what route to take plus walking to the different bus stops takes time and it was hot! Finding something to eat was a no go… so the next best thing was grabbing lunch at a gas station. My lunch ended up being a Naked juice and some chips, healthy right? What seemed like 100 hours later we finally arrived at the show! I couldn’t believe I was finally here! Unfortunately for the public, you can only get into the show if you are a licensed cosmetology or esthetician. So it was really neat to see all theses different kinds of people who are in the same industry as me, all in one big room, well two actual! One room was for the cosmetology side and then the other side was for the esthetician. Right when we arrived we just made it to the hair extension class Hannah and I wanted to take. What I love about IBS is that they have hundreds of free classes you can attend during each day! From there the show was going to end in a couple of hours so we just ended up walking around to get familiar with what vendors were there and to get a copy of the show map with the rest of the classes that we could take! Now it’s time to find our way back to the girls hotel, which ended up very interesting… We got lost not once, not twice, but probably a three or four times. We would end up walking one way then we realized that there’s not a walking side on the other side of the road that we needed to cross so then we would have to turn back around and start all over. So basically we were going in circles!!!! Let’s just say it was very hot and took a long time to get back to the hotel. Gregg was nice enough to pick us up at the girl’s hotel instead of us taking a taxi to him! Then for dinner  Gregg took us to my favorite fast food place…Chipotle! It was really convenient since all we had today was our breakfast we ate in San Diego and the food we bought at the Gas station, haha. Lets just say , Saturday felt like it was never going to end…

Day 2 (Sunday): Buying makeup, Vegan restaurant, & exploring Vegas:

Sunday turned out to be a much better day. Gregg’s house felt just like home with my avocado toast to start my day! Since I am vegan and most people that I hang out with aren’t, Gregg asked my mom what I normally eat and he went to Trader Joe’s to get all my favorite foods, even snacks that I could bring to IBS to eat throughout the day, “Thank you Gregg!”. This time around we got to the show right before it even opened! It couldn’t be more perfect. We decided to attend another class again and this time it was about haircutting. The instructor showed us some great tips to get the perfect layered cut. The atmosphere of the whole show was great. Everyone was so nice and there was so many booths giving out free gifts and demos which was great! We got free spray tans, fake tattoos, eyebrow bling, a color hair extension, and my favorite thing.. eye lash extensions!!! Now that I know that so many vendors do free services, I want to make a day next year getting them all done!! (: For dinner we ended up going to a vegan restaurant, which was Gregg’s first vegan restaurant he has ever been to! The food wasn’t the best vegan food I have ever tasted but it certainly did the job of satisfying my hungry! The rest of the night Hannah and I soaked our feet in the bathtub to get ready for our final day in Vegas tomorrow and we also started packing up all our things so we can leave straight from the convention center to the airport with no hassle!

Day 3 (Monday): Time to go home and recap of my trip!

Our final day in  Vegas! In my short 3 days in Vegas, I went to all 3 days of IBS, saw the outlet malls, visited Caesar’s Palace hotel, Golden Nugget hotel, and the Bellagio hotel, explored Container Park, and experienced  Viva Vision Light show on Fremont Street! I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect trip! If it wasn’t for Gregg showing us around Vegas and letting Hannah and I stay at his house, I would have just stayed in my hotel room watching TV for the rest of the time and that wouldn’t be fun! The whole experience was amazing! I would definitely do it all over again, besides taking the city bus… Next time, I’ll be taking the taxi everywhere! I had a great time, Vegas was so much fun! I’m really glad Hannah and I decided to go and that my mom helped me find the cheapest flights and asked Gregg if we could stay at his house during my time there! I can’t wait for next year!

Next time I’m in Vegas, where should I visit next? Do you have any throwback stories?

Until next time,


Camille Baker

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