Life update: School, Work, and Cosmetology license?

1600 hours later and I finally finished cosmetology school! Can’t you believe it? Because I still can’t… Sooooo where have I been?(Cue in the Justin Bieber song “where are you now”) To be honest I don’t even know… Well that’s a lie, I do know. The last eight weeks of school left ended up being one of the easiest, but hardest, at the same time, if that makes sense. I had drills everyday and a 100 question exam every week! And on top of that, I also started working for Ulta during the last few weeks of school. So you could say I had my hands full with going to school full time and of course my new job! Which I’m loving by the way, everyone that I work with is super nice which makes work fun! Also, who wouldn’t want to be around makeup all the time? Since I got my cosmetology license I just got promoted at work to become a benefit brow expert, which basically means that I now wax brows for a living! Well for now at least! Now that school is officially over I can now give all of my focus to my blog now. How do you like the new layout for my page? I just updated it last week and I’m so happy how it ended up turning out. It’s almost been a year since I started blogging so I thought my page needed a little update! (: Now, what’s next? Well I really enjoy learning the skin care/ facials side of cosmetology so I want to further my education in that subject by going back to school in January to do the esthetician program so I can get that license as well! So right now, I’m on my “winter break” if thats what you want to call it!  What’s going on in your lives? Anything exciting? I would love to know!

Until next time,


Camille Baker

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