Beauty Tip Tuesdays: Baby powder

I love how all of my tips that I’ve shared with you all so far involves something you most likely have lying around the house. Now this week’s tip is a life saver when you don’t have time to shower because baby powder (yes baby powder) can act as dry shampoo! It works on any hair color you may have, even on my dark brown hair, it just takes extra time to work through your hair. This dry shampoo not only “cleans your hair” (absorbs the oil in your hair to make it appear like you just took a shower today) but gives your hair volume as well! Just start off with dirty hair, grab your baby powder, carefully puff baby powder directly onto your roots (not to much, just a couple of sprinkles at a time), massage the baby powder like you’re shampooing, and then you’re left with clean, volume hair! I’ve known this tip for years and I absolutely love it! I also have heard that you can use baby powder to get rid of sand on your feet after you leave the beach! I have to try that tip out next time when I’m at the beach! I hope you can put this tip to good use! And by the way how is the lemon water treating your body from my tip that I’ve shared last week? And if you know any tips that I should try out let me know. I would love to try them!

Until next time!

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