SUNday Funday!!

Summer is here!! I can’t wait for endless summer nights, tanned skin, and beach days ahead. I can’t believe it!! All I could think about at school is that one song from High School Musical 2 when they are talking about summer and how the school clock is ticking! I wish summer could be here forever! Wouldn’t that be the dream? I only get 3 weeks off for summer from my school but that’s better then not having any break at all. I have to say I’ve picked the perfect time to go to school because each time I move up a level I’ve gotten some sort of break. Speaking of school I’m almost done! Well I still have over 5 months left but so far it’s going by so quickly. And pretty soon I’m going to be working on clients! Yay! I seriously love being a hair stylist and can’t wait to change lives one hair style at a time. (: To get me in the summer mode I’ve teamed up with Brandzaffir to put together the top 3 things you defiantly need for a day by the pool!

1. Gigantic Donut Pool Float, you need this in your life because why DONuT you.. (:
2. Cute Pool Bag, this one from Kate Spade is the perfect one! It’s waterproof so in case something spills in your pool bag then it will be super easy to clean up and since your around the pool a waterproof bag is a must.
3. SPF Lip Balm! SPF is a must when you’re by the pool or anywhere in general. This lip balm has become my new favorite. It glides on so nicely on your lips and it smells good which is a plus.

Do you have any plans for summer? Any suggestions on what I should do besides hang around at the beach? Let me know in the comments! Make sure to follow me on my other social media sites and of course follow my blog if you enjoyed it!

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