Spring Break 2015

School starts back up tomorrow here at San Diego and I’ve got to say that this spring break was by far the best I’ve ever had. My family and I went on a vacation that lasted from last week’s Friday up until Wednesday. While it may seem a bit short, it certainly was a blast! There’s a lot of stuff to go over, so let’s just start at the beginning.
Day 1:
It was around 4 PM on Friday when our family started to drive all the way to San Fransisco. It took a dreadfully long time and we had to stop twice so that our father could get enough sleep to go on! I think we arrived at our hotel a full twelve hours later. Yikes! None of us really got a good sleep on Saturday morning.
Day 2:
Saturday was much more exciting than the gruesome car trip. We ate a delicious breakfast at the Embassy Suites which consisted of fruit, potatoes, and cereal and then started out towards Muir Woods. Unfortunately, there was so little parking that we couldn’t go there. We went on a short trail instead that was still nice. The next stop was the Golden Gate Bridge. We walked across it and back. It was around three miles long, but it was a nice walk with some pretty neat scenery to boot.
Day 3:
Sunday was also pretty neat as well. The first stop was Fisherman’s Wharf. We mostly just walked while we were there. We tried to go on the boat trip to Alcatraz Island, but it turns out you have to plan a ride two weeks in advance! It was fine though since we got to do some pretty neat things instead. We went to the Boudin Sourdough restaurant and had some pretty nice bread there. We also saw the Forest Gump bench and had everyone take pictures on it, even our dog! We also walked to Pier 39 and saw so many seals there. There were also these neat piano stairs that plays notes when you walk on it. After Fisherman’s Wharf, we all went to Japantown which was pretty fun as well. My family tried some Japanese candy out, such as the Green Tea Kit-Kats and Pocky sticks which they said tasted pretty good.
Day 4/5:
On Monday, the whole trip took a completely different direction when we went to the Avenue of the Giants up north. We walked through the Drive-In Tree (our car couldn’t fit). It was pretty neat actually walking through a tree. We found a campsite called Burlington and my dad out-of-the-blue decided to start camping here. It was crazy because we did’t have tents, sleeping bags, or anything for camping when we had resevations to stay in a hotel. So we had to make an hour drive to Wal-Mart to get camping supplies. However, the next day turned out to be really exciting. We went walking on a ton of trails and had fun making smores and playing board games. We also all got matching sweatshirts which turned out really cute in the photos. It looked like we were all on a field trip or something.
Day 6:
We went back home on Wednesday on a 14 hour car trip. Overall, I had to say that this family vacation was one of our best. We went to so many places and our camping experience turned out to be a wonderful surprise. Although I will dread going back to school tomorrow, at least I had a fun vacation this week. Post in the comments how your spring break went. Did you do anything exciting? I would love to know. Thank you all for reading, and I’ll meet with you again soon!



























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