New Year Resolutions 2015

Happy New Year everyone!! I’ve always wanted to start a blog and what better way to start the new year by making one. Behind the beauty and fashion passion that I have, I really do enjoy writing. It’s a hidden fact about me, so hidden that I don’t even think my family even knows. This year is all about trying new things, making memories, and living life to the fullest. Sounds cheesy I know but I have a great feeling 2015 is my year to shine. I already have one thing to look forward to this year and that is I will not only be graduating from cosmetology school but also have my license, yay! So cheers to 2015 and make this year your time to shine to. Now time for my new year resolution list!

1. Go vegan!

For about 2 years now I’ve been a pescetarian and occasionally I will have dairy because I’m a sucker for pizza, grilled cheeses, and of course mac and cheese (isn’t everyone?) but this year I’ve decided to go to the next level and omit dairy and all meat out of my life for at least a year and see how it goes.

2. Work out at least 2 times per week.

Last year I said 5 times a week and that didn’t go as plan. I wish I could workout more in my life but with begin at school 5 times a week 8 hours a day my life is already really busy as it is. So by limiting myself to 2 times per week is something I can accomplish and add on to.

3. Strive to get all A’s.

I’m very proud of myself for getting all A’s my first semseter of school. Cosmetology is something I love and I’m willing to take the extra step to get A’s in all my classes though it will require extra studying and lots of work but it’s nothing I can’t handle. I put “strive” instead of “get” because I can only do so much studying and understanding of the things they are teaching us, I can only give my best and thats good enough. If I get a B it’s not the end of the world as long as I know I gave it my all then thats what matters.

4. Restart my Youtube channel.

This will be my third relaunching of my channel. You know what they say third times the charm. In 2015 I want to take my channel to the next level, be me and no one else. I really love making videos it makes me happy and since I have very limited friends here in California I consider all my subscribers my friends, I really love them, they are the best. I haven’t posted anything yet this year but if you want to go check it out just type in “Camillemia12” in the search box and while your at it don’t forget to subscribe!

5. Keep track of where my money is going in envelopes.

This year I want to keep track of all my receipts I spend. So far I’ve made 4 envelopes: food, personal (beauty), clothes, and random. This will also help me make more wiser decisions by spending my money on careless things. With this being said I want to start saving money so I think by doing this I can.

6. Go to church at least 1 time per month.

I want to start connecting with God more and by doing so I want to try to make it to church on Sundays more often. The Christmas Eve service I attended was great and it touched me to take time out of my day by hearing what the Gospel has to say.

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